Nitro Lean Whey

Nitro Lean Whey

Nitro Lean Whey is a protein shake for athletes building lean muscle and to increase fitness performance.

Athletes supplement their protein they get from food with a specialized whey shake taken around their workouts. Each serving of this shake will give you 27 grams of quality muscle building protein sourced from whey concentrate and isolate.

Arginine has been added to enhance the performance of this shake. Studies have shown that arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO) which increases the ‘size’ of blood vessels. This allows for more blood to travel around your body.

Nitro Lean Whey is fortified with Nitrogen Retention Accelerators, Microsorb Amino Matrix, Muscle Building Activators and digestive enzymes to ensure maximum protein digestion without bloating or stomach discomfort.

Nitro Lean Whey is a protein shake with added ingredients to boost workout performance, better recovery and nutrient delivery for athletes looking for a competitive edge.

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Belgian Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino Cookie & Cream Strawberry Cream